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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yottanews Free Service Problems Are Hopefully Over

Yottanews free server's users have experienced various connection issues during the past few days. The service was mainly down unreachable due to server maintenance, but yesterday the Yottanews status page reported that all the free servers were replaced with new hardware. But if you then have tried to connect using your old free account, you had certainly noticed that nothing had changed. Yottanews, in fact, reported that:
We restructured the way the free server program works. Everyone most create a new account.

I have tried to use the old account (the one with my IP as the username) and it seems to work fine, although sometimes I have received a 502 error from the server (what is this??). So I signed for a new free account and updated previously subscribed newsgroups without any problems. Yottanews didn't reveal the new way the free program works, but the main features are the same:
  • Number of Connections: 1
  • Days before reset: 30
  • Download Bytes Available: 1250000000
We haven't any further details, but at first glance parameters as download speed, binaries retention and completion seem acceptable for a free service.
We hope that the problems of system downtime that affected Yottanews free service in the past months are over, because for a low traffic user this service is really well suited.