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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mozilla Newsgroups Hierarchy Rearranged

Some days ago, a message was posted in all netscape.public.mozilla.* hierarchy newsgroups by Mozilla Corporation System Administrator Dave Miller. In this post the author explains that the long planned migration from netscape.public.mozilla.* to just mozilla.* hierarchy has finally come.
According to Miller post:

It should be no secret these days that the Mozilla Foundation and its related projects are no longer a pet project of Netscape, yet the newsgroups we are using for public discussions still bear the Netscape name.

Most of the old 73 newsgroups are no longer updated and the new groups are now feeded. At this time the mozilla.* newsgroups will not be propagated through Usenet, but they are hosted only on the new server.
This NNTP server is the result of the partnership with Giganews Newsgroups announced in August. According with the Giganews press release, Jonah Yokubaitis, CEO of Giganews, says:
"The Giganews and Mozilla partnership is a natural fit and we're glad to offer this free service to their valued developer network. Mozilla's reputation for developing some of the Internet's leading browser and e-mail applications has attracted the same type of customers who demand the high quality Usenet service that Giganews provides."

More information about the migration is available at the frequently asked questions page:


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