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Saturday, January 07, 2006

GUBA Announces First RSS Newsfeed Capability for Usenet Videos

Yesterday GUBA, the Usenet provider specialized in binaries and multimedia content, has announced the ability for GUBA subscribers to receive RSS (Really Simple Syndication) newsfeeds, which summarize new video content that has been posted to Usenet in virtual real-time.
According to the company press release:

This free enhancement to GUBA allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds with keywords matching their particular interests - when new videos are posted to Usenet matching these user-defined parameters, the user is instantly notified via RSS with the ability to download the video directly into iTunes. GUBA automatically uses the indexed keywords of the file's description to provide RSS feeds.

The company also announced that:
In addition, GUBA also announced that it has enabled and prominently displayed QuickTime download links throughout its search, content and other portions of its site, in testimony to GUBA's strong support for the high-quality and cross-platform support offered by the QuickTime media format.
Something similar is already available for textual newsgroups through Google Groups, that allows to create email alerts for usenet messages based on keyword(s) matching.



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