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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Giganews Supports 256 Bit SSL Encryption

After introducing SSL Usenet access Giganews has recently announced an improved support for NNTP over SSL protocol: you can now establish 256 bit SSL encrypted Usenet connections to Giganews, using port 563 as well as 443. Port 563 is the default port for encrypted Usenet traffic (NNTPS protocol), while 443 is the default port for the encrypted web traffic (HTTPS). The ability to connect to your Usenet server using the latter port is a powerful feature, because if you are behind a firewall, chances are that the port 563 is closed, while port 443 is often open for HTTPS traffic.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Giganews offers SSL Usenet Access

Starting from October 28th Giganews have begun offering SSL encrypted Usenet access with all its plans. All existing users may upgrade their accounts for only $5 extra per month and are enabled to use encrypted access to the Usenet. SSL enabled plans offer 10 bonus simultaneous connections giving you a total of 20 simultaneous connections to your Giganews Usenet access. Customers with high speed connections can benefit from the latter feature, experiencing a lightspeed download. With a SSL connection to the Giganews Usenet Server your ISP will not be able to know the content of the data exchanged. If you security needs change, you can upgrade/downgrade to a plan with SSL.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Giganews to increase Binary Newsgroup Retention Growing to 90 Days.

Today Giganews announced that in the next few days it will increase the retention for single and multi-part binary newsgroups up to 90 days. Currently the binaries retention period is of 70 days and it will reach the 90 days limit on a day by day basis, as new articles start to fill the additional storage. More info on the press release.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yottanews Free Service Problems Are Hopefully Over

Yottanews free server's users have experienced various connection issues during the past few days. The service was mainly down unreachable due to server maintenance, but yesterday the Yottanews status page reported that all the free servers were replaced with new hardware. But if you then have tried to connect using your old free account, you had certainly noticed that nothing had changed. Yottanews, in fact, reported that:
We restructured the way the free server program works. Everyone most create a new account.

I have tried to use the old account (the one with my IP as the username) and it seems to work fine, although sometimes I have received a 502 error from the server (what is this??). So I signed for a new free account and updated previously subscribed newsgroups without any problems. Yottanews didn't reveal the new way the free program works, but the main features are the same:
  • Number of Connections: 1
  • Days before reset: 30
  • Download Bytes Available: 1250000000
We haven't any further details, but at first glance parameters as download speed, binaries retention and completion seem acceptable for a free service.
We hope that the problems of system downtime that affected Yottanews free service in the past months are over, because for a low traffic user this service is really well suited.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is MPAA Indirectly Warning GUBA?

Quick link today from A Copyfighter's Musings blog. In his post GUBA and the MPAA's Usenet suits, Derek Slater writes about his suspect that MPAA's recent Usenet suits are
meant as a warning shot across the bow of companies like Guba.
Guba and other similar companies charge users for indexing and browsing Usenet images and videos through a web based interface. The point is that if this type of business could be sustained legally or not in the long term.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Yottanews Free Server Status Update

The Yottanews free server seems to be up and running.
I waited some days before writing this post about this NNTP server status, because it has gone up and down repeatedly in the last months (read my previous posts here and here)
After a week of use I think that the issues with the server are over and it can be used normally. The Yottanews status page reports that:
More free servers are now online to handle additional users.

The newsgroups I'm subscribed to seem to have complete articles and good feeding, but I noticed a slowdown in the connection speed.


Newsgroup Websites Sued by MPAA

There is much clamor on internet about the last MPAA moves against P2P sites.
Last week the popular file sharing server on eDonkey P2P network Razorback2 was shut down by Swiss and Belgian police and yesterday the MPAA announced that it had filed
seven lawsuits in federal courts across the
country against highly trafficked Torrent, eDonkey and Newsgroup websites that are
responsible for facilitating illegal swapping of copyrighted files between millions of users around the world.

The lawsuits hit, and, described in the press release as:
membership-based websites that enable users of Newsgroups to initiate easy downloads of infringing content.

Today Usenet is cluttered with messages carrying all sort of copyrighted material, and some ISP are discontinuing their Usenet services to avoid some legal problems (i.e. the announce of the Canadian ISP
We could expect that the MPAA war against piracy on Usenet is only at the beginning...