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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Newsgroup Commander Pro 8.3 released

Internet Soft Corporation recently released Newsgroup Commander Pro 8.3. According with the publisher's description:
Newsgroup Commander Pro is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives. The program allows the fastest messages downloading from selected newsgroups. Newsgroup Commander extracts information from newsgroups using multiple include/exclude keyword filters based on article contents and subjects. You can use your selected keywords to scan the target audience and only return the information you are interested in.

The software was released in two versions:
  • Newsgroup Commander , which is free
  • Newsgroup Commander Pro, whose price is 49.95$
Reading product description isn't so clear which features are in the free version and which are in the Pro one.
Users at Softpedia rated it 3.5/5 , while Fileforum rated it 2.4/5.


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