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Friday, February 24, 2006

Newsgroup Websites Sued by MPAA

There is much clamor on internet about the last MPAA moves against P2P sites.
Last week the popular file sharing server on eDonkey P2P network Razorback2 was shut down by Swiss and Belgian police and yesterday the MPAA announced that it had filed
seven lawsuits in federal courts across the
country against highly trafficked Torrent, eDonkey and Newsgroup websites that are
responsible for facilitating illegal swapping of copyrighted files between millions of users around the world.

The lawsuits hit, and, described in the press release as:
membership-based websites that enable users of Newsgroups to initiate easy downloads of infringing content.

Today Usenet is cluttered with messages carrying all sort of copyrighted material, and some ISP are discontinuing their Usenet services to avoid some legal problems (i.e. the announce of the Canadian ISP
We could expect that the MPAA war against piracy on Usenet is only at the beginning...


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